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Just Put It On My Head

She was at least 75 years old and standing in the middle of a muddy road as the rain started to fall again. "Just put it on my head," she directed. Steve looked at me as if to ask "Am I really supposed to throw this 40-pound bag of groceries onto this little old lady's head?" I shrugged in response to the unspoken question. He lifted the bag and stood helpless as she adjusted it. "Thanks," she yelled back as she hurried off.

Today, like many days lately, Steve and I spent the morning delivering food and supplies to those in our community with no access to them during the COVID-19 lockdown in Honduras. The city's relief workers have been working non-stop for nearly three months now and the exhaustion is beginning to show. Their weary faces and frayed nerves bear witness to compassion they've poured into their hard work for days on end. I worry that they are pushing themselves too far—jeopardizing their health and internalizing the trauma of our circumstances in order push through. But I also know that we've just barely started. There are still thousands of unreached families in our area that are desperate for relief from hunger and fear.

Steve and I try to bring levity to our little band of warriors. We tell silly stories, buy our daily supply of Coke to share with the group and try to stay cheerful when plans change for the 15th time at the last moment—again. We're doing our best to stay open and willing to do any job when asked. And we're volunteering to do as much as we can to take the burden from our co-workers. We just press on. And we pray that God will multiply the supplies and our efforts.

Every once in a while it hits me out of the blue that my life is not "normal". Watching that little grandma walk away with a load of groceries balanced perfectly on her head was one of those moments. What a crazy, amazing, blessed and beautiful life God has given me in Honduras!


Your gift of just $22 can feed a family of five for up to ten days. Please click here to make a donation to help us provide relief during this ongoing crisis.


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