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Where did you come up with those questions?

Last week, Academia Los Pinares, a school for the country’s elite in Honduras held their fall Spiritual Emphasis Week. During this week, all of the teachers and staff take the time to share the Gospel with their students. This year, they went through the Alpha course and led discussions on “Who is Jesus?”. Our team of volunteers was put in charge of the games and activities that would reinforce what they were learning in their daily sessions as well as have a little fun.

On the final day, we planned an art project. A simple book that allowed the students to record what they were thankful for. Each of our volunteers was assigned to one of the small groups along with one of their teachers who are permanently assigned to the group. Kelly and I were not assigned to a group, but instead tasked to go from table to table and encourage our young volunteers to go deep in their discussions.

Well, in Honduras, nothing goes as planned and I found myself not leading just one, but two discussion groups! I had nothing planned, however, I found myself asking great questions that got most of the students involved in the conversation. At the end of the second session, one of the teachers asked me, “Where did you come up with those questions?”

I had no answer. They just came to me as I was leading the group. However, I do have to confess that it was not me, but God who led me and enabled me to lead the others. For the past two weeks, I had been praying that God would give me the words I needed when I needed them. He was the answer, not me, not my training, not my experience.



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