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Solheim Super Plan


The purpose of this ministry is to build meaningful and genuine relationships with children and youth so that we have opportunities to speak God’s Truth into their lives.


Church programs such as Sunday School, VBS, youth services and camps are critical learning tools in the church and useful for education and evangelism. However, we believe that true discipleship requires one-on-one mentorship and the willingness to walk side-by-side through life with one another, no matter the starting point of one’s faith. This kind of relationship requires an intentional effort to spend time with, listen to and understand the physical, spiritual, social and educational needs of a young person in order to best demonstrate and share God’s love and instruction on an ongoing basis.


We envision a recreational center and ministry for children and youth that is supervised and led by church volunteers. This ministry is designed to be an outreach and service project for the church to reach children within their own community and begin a life-long discipleship process.


We believe the use of games, the arts and special events are ideal for engaging youth in open, honest dialogue and fostering mentoring relationships. This ministry will offer opportunities for children and youth to engage in these activities on a weekly or daily basis.


​​Studies show that children who regularly play games are better adjusted, work better in group settings and are well-prepared for leadership. The kind of activities and mentorship opportunities created through this ministry offer the following additional benefits to children and youth participants:


  • Relationship


  • Self-Esteem


  • Respect


  • Discipline


  • Creativity


  • Responsibility


  • Decision-Making

  • Stress Management


  • Make Memories

  • Joy

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