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Renovating the Classroom

During the summer vacation for our students (which is actually the winter months for us!), I drafted two other men to help restore some desks for a local Christian school. Most of the desks were showing their age with plenty of rust, deeps scratches, cracked plywood and broken steel tubing. Since the private school has no outside funding, their ability to keep everything looking nice is severely limited. Maintenance tasks often fall to the wayside in favor academic necessities.

The men I recruited to help with the project have one thing in common: We all love to serve our Lord through the gift of Service. One has his own auto body repair and paint shop, another is a missionary that supports other missionaries. And of course, I love any opportunity I can find to use my tools to serve our Lord. Another man that I drafted in has the gift of connecting people and he used his network to repair some of the desks that required welding.

Oasis is a private Christian school with a low student to teacher ratio. They offer classes for students from Kindergarten through ninth grade. In addition to getting a great education at an affordable rate, these students are also offered biblical courses from great Christian teachers.

Do you also have the gift of Service? We are currently looking for volunteers to come and serve. We would like a short-term team or two to come down and finish the classrooms. Tasks include painting the walls, installing a false ceiling, adding lighting and electricity as well as tiling the floors. More importantly, we would love for you to come down and share your testimony with our students and let them know why you chose to serve our Lord. If your are interested in serving on or leading a short-term team, let us know here!

Unable to serve in this capacity, but still want to help? We have started a campaign to restore an additional 40 desks for the school. You can donate directly to this project here.


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