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The Most Precious Donation

At last week's VBS the kids had an opportunity to win reward tickets to spend at a special store. As you can imagine, this was a highlight for many of the kids who spent their tickets on lots of candy, trinkets and toys. But a few of our older boys pooled their tickets to purchase a miniature game of Connect 4. Of course, we were delighted that they'd chosen a game we'd taught them to play in Club Aslan.

These are the boys who like to pretend they're too cool for Club Aslan. They come every week and participate at the bear minimum, assuring us they're only there to borrow the soccer ball. Clearly, Club Aslan is not for young men of their maturity and stature. 😉

That's why when they arrived at Club this weekend with their little box of Connect 4 with the words "For Club Aslan" written on it, I was beyond shocked. They were excited to donate the game to the Club's resource closet for everyone to enjoy. These young men have so little and yet when they had an opportunity to gain something for themselves, they chose generosity. It is by far the most precious donation we've received in a long time! And it shows us that underneath the tough, teenage shell they protect themselves with every week, our boys really do love and respect Club Aslan. We're so proud of them!



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