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The Lord is our Comforter and Encourager

Last week we were discouraged. It seemed as if God was closing the door on a ministry opportunity that had really excited us. And the path forward seemed unclear. That's where we were when a casual conversation that started over lunch continued late into the evening and changed everything.

Honestly, we often have conversations about ministry decisions that need to be made. But this felt different. It started with a discussion of the successes and failures of this missionary term and the need to re-focus on the most important elements of our ministry. An idea struck Steve. At first I wasn't quite on board, but soon I was fleshing out the idea and painting a picture of what it would look like to put it into practice. We then moved to discussing other potential improvements and problem solutions. And before we knew it we were both on our feet, pacing around the living room, talking excitedly and dreaming big dreams together again!

By the time we'd calmed down, we knew that this was no ordinary Team Solheim brainstorming session. Where there was confusion, we now have clarity. Where there was disappointment, we now have excitement. And where there was no path forward, we now have direction. No, this was far from an ordinary Sunday afternoon. This gift of renewed passion and refreshed vision can only be from the Lord—our Comforter and Encourager.

Today we are praising God and we want to invite you to do the same!


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