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A "Go Tell Tell It On the Mountain" Christmas

Christmas is our favorite time of the year and we love celebrating Christ's birth with those we love. One of my favorite Christmas hymns since I was a small child is Go Tell It on the Mountain. But I never imagined actually living way up in the mountains of Honduras telling others about Jesus. In fact, I had already been living in these mountains several years before it actually dawned on me that I was really living out my favorite lyrics.

In our afterschool program, Club Aslan, we started preparing nearly a month early for the festivities. We decorated our tree with plenty of lights, paper chain tinsel, handcrafted angels and glitter covered ornaments. In addition, Kelly worked hard making over 200 cookies for the kids to decorate with frosting and sprinkles, sharing one of our own family traditions. But the highlight of the day's activities was when Sandra, our friend and church leader, shared the story of the first Christmas from the Bible.

We are always amazed how far our kids have come in their understanding. When we first started, none of them had ever even heard the story of Christ’s birth. Now, they are starting to remember more and more details about this incredible story. It's one of the first steps in understanding the magnitude of the Lord's plan of salvation.

This year, we also were able to reflect back and see the changes in our students lives over the last five years. Their attitudes in the classroom, in Club Aslan and towards others have changed drastically and we give all the credit to Jesus who has been working in their hearts.

Are you interested in sharing Jesus and His birth with others? We have an opportunity for you to serve and do just that. For many years, we have been dreaming of doing a live nativity complete with a reenactment of the story recorded in Luke 2. If you are interested in leading a short-term mission team in construction of a manger scene, decorating with Christmas lights and teaching kids about theater and drama, let us know here!



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