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Love Thy Neighbor

My friend, Dania, has been without running water in her home for the past several weeks. And it could take several more weeks to fix the problem found in the well and pump system on the property. That means tasks like bathing her small children, washing clothes and dishes and even flushing the toilet have become everyday challenges.

My friend, Dania.

We take reliable, clean water for granted. But here in La Esperanza, it can be a rare, expensive and valuable resource that many of our neighbors struggle to find. Dania and her family have had to purchase large containers of water, an expense they just can't afford. Dania has had to lug dirty laundry on the back of a motorcycle to the unsafe public baths downtown to wash them. She bathes less to conserve what little they have and has taught the kids to dump heavy buckets of the precious liquid into the toilet to flush. I started to sense the frustration and weariness of my friend last week.

That's when I called my friend, Sandra. Sandra recently moved to a city far away for a new work opportunity. But she was Dania's neighbor in the years prior, though they barely knew one another. When Sandra had to leave suddenly, her sister, Irma moved into the house with her young daughter—another young mom just across the street from Dania.

My friend, Sandra and her sister, Irma.

"Let a complete stranger into your home and give her access to one of your most precious resources...please?" It was a BIG ask. But although we don't all know one another, the four of us have something important in common. We are sisters in Christ. Sandra answered as I knew she would. We connected Dania with Irma via text and within a day or two Dania was learning to use her neighbor's washing machine—a luxury she's never been able to enjoy herself. God not only showed His concern for the little discomforts of life through his willing servants, He blessed her more than she could have imagined!

I am so glad that the Lord has not only brought these lovely women into my life, but has also allowed me to connect them with one another. It has been my joy to watch and learn as they live out their faith and truly love their neighbors!



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