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Full Circle

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Graduation day was a unique experience for our son, Nick. He was a graduating class of one with over 200 people in attendance at the ceremony. We sat on the front lawn at El Sembrador where he'd spent his most formative years learning, ministering and falling in love with Honduras. We listened to friends and co-workers share memories, hopes for the future and just a few tears as Nick prepared for the next steps in a brand new journey far away from this "home".

Graduation 2015

Nick left El Sembrador shortly after that ceremony, saying goodbye to the places and people that had so profoundly impacted his young life.

In December, we sat on the lawn at El Sembrador honoring Nick once again. This time Nick beamed with pride and joy as he introduced his bride and celebrated his new marriage with those who have meant so much to us. And, again, friends and co-workers shared memories, hopes for the future and just a few more tears. It was full circle—a triumphant homecoming at last.

Wedding Reception 2021

We're certain that there will be many more pivotal moments celebrated on the holy ground of El Sembrador in the years to come. But for Nick, few will be as emotional and poignant as bringing the love of his life "home" to the place he has loved.


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