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Day of the Chid

Last week, Honduras celebrated Day of the Child. It’s probably the biggest day of the year for the kids complete with presents, piñatas and candy. Of course, this day is so big, it was celebrated all week. We started our celebrations on Saturday at a nearby village in the mountains. We were expecting about 25 kids and over 130 showed up.

Then on Sunday we were invited to a local church where we made lion puppets with the youngsters and had one of our teammates read about Daniel and the Lions’ Den. They loved roaring every time they heard the word “lion”. Meanwhile, Kelly led the older kids in a group game. It got rained out, but the kids still enjoyed part of it!

On Monday, we celebrated at the school where we teach English. Their classrooms are pretty bare, so we decided to stock them with some sports equipment. We were able to donate basketballs, jump ropes, frisbees and Uno decks to each of the grades. We even stopped by a used store and found some new toys for the kindergarten classroom. We picked up several toys that will help them learn English including a couple of See ‘n’ Says.

Then we spent the afternoon playing Jenga and another new game we found a at a used store.



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