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Celebrating Women and Girls

One of the unexpected joys of being a missionary in La Esperanza is the opportunities God has given us to partner with and support Hondurans who are already working in our community. It's a reminder that God is already at work in Honduras and He's invited us to join Him in what He is doing. That's why we were honored to be asked by city workers to help celebrate International Day of the Girl in a local village.

We traveled with our co-workers from the mayor's office to a rural school where children and their parents gathered. Unfortunately, our area has a reputation for physical, emotional and sexual abuse in the home. And girls are overwhelmingly more likely to be victims. The doctor, psychologist and government representatives who made up our team took advantage of the holiday to draw awareness to the issues facing girls and young women in our community and offer counseling and other services.

And while they spoke to the girls and their parents in the classroom, we worked alongside other volunteers to coordinate and play games with the boys in the play yard. It certainly wasn't the most important work being done that day, but it was an awful lot of fun! Check out these photos of the activities at the school:

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to serve our community by supporting projects, ministries and services offered by local leaders. And we are proud to serve alongside them for the glory of God in La Esperanza!


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