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"They have Logos!" the cry went out as Steve opened the cabinet and a stack of new boxes came into view. A cheer rose from the boys as they crowded around.

As we poured the bricks out onto tables, the excitement grew. Most of our Club Aslan members had never actually seen Legos in person. The possibilities must have been almost overwhelming as they dug through the brightly colored piles, not knowing how to start.

Several weeks have passed sine the day we introduced Legos to Club Aslan and it still one of the most popular activities. They've now moved on from carefully reconstructing the projects from the instruction booklet. Now, I'm surrounded by dragons with helicopter rotors attached and buildings with steering wheels on the roofs.

Maybe being a teenage boy and never having played with Legos isn't the greatest tragedy these young people will have to overcome in their lives. But something important it happening here. This simple toy we take for granted in the U.S. has unlocked the imaginations of kids too afraid to dream. And, in their own way, they are learning that we are all #CreatedtoCreate.


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