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Young Leaders Making a Difference

Teletón is a nation-wide healthcare non-profit aimed at providing rehabilitation, therapy and other health services for disabled or injured patients in Honduras. The program raises its funds through a huge giving campaign (a telethon, of course!) each year. The campaign relies on a large network of youth volunteers around the country who engage the community through charity runs, raffles, radio and tv broadcasts and a variety of fundraising endeavors.

The organization took a huge hit last year when many of these activities were prohibited by COVID restrictions. And they're having a hard time motivating their volunteers for this year's big push. In our area alone, the youth network of about 80 leaders has shrank to only a handful of highly devoted volunteers. That's why our friend, Sandra, asked us to help engage and fire up the group as they begin planning their campaign.

We were invited to attend the first volunteer meeting to get to know these young leaders and build excitement with a few of our most popular team-building games. We used the games to start discussions about working together, overcoming obstacles and meeting huge objectives.

It was an honor to be a small part of this important project. In particular, it was a great opportunity to get to know some amazing young leaders committed to seeing their community thrive. They are the people making a difference in Honduras and we were thrilled to get to speak into their lives.

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