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You Never Know Where a Day Will Take You

I woke up yesterday feeling a little under the weather and tired. There wasn't much on our agenda, so I thought I'd get some rest and maybe get some chores done around the house. That's what's interesting about being a missionary in Honduras. You never know where the day will take you.

My boring plans turned into a something I could have never imagined at a mundane meeting that afternoon. We met with our JOVAC team to nail down some details for a youth event in the park on Saturday. We decided we should all go together to purchase the materials we needed. And somewhere between the craft supply store and the piñata supply store a new plan was devised unbeknownst to me. Before I knew what was happening we were whisked away to a tiny office filled with sound equipment. And in just moments, Steve and I were on the radio announcing our event and offering commentary on the show's topic of the week: God's Love.

I've never been on the radio before. I was unprepared. I was nervous. And I was terrified! I thought about what had been my plans for a low-key day at home and marveled at how quickly it had all changed. Then I took a deep breath and put my Spanish to the ultimate test on FM 99.9.

Sometimes I imagine the Almighty chuckling at the plans we make for ourselves. I think He rather enjoys catching us off guard. And yesterday He showed me yet again that His plans are so much better than mine!


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