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When you can't call the water company, call the neighbor

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had some weird things happening with our water. First, our lawn would flood and then a few hours later it would be dry again. Then, we started noticing that our water was no longer clear. I was starting to think that ground water was seeping into our water system, but being that it’s dry season, where was this stray water coming from? Eventually, I reported it to the owner and one of his hired hands came over and took a quick look. He was working on another project and said that he come back on Sunday or Monday. Both of which have passed with no sign of him returning. In the meantime, I started digging into the problem – literally. I dug in one location and then the water seemed to be coming from another location. So, I started digging in another location, and the water started coming up from another location.

Today, one of the owner’s workers came by and we started prodding around trying to find the source. Of course, everything had dried up and it was impossible to tell where the water was coming from. By this time, I’m fairly convinced that the problem isn’t with our water system, but with the city’s water system. I pulled in my neighbor from that’s connected to the city’s water system, so we could get an idea of when he was and wasn’t receiving water from the city over the last few days. After much discussion and more digging we uncovered several more possible sources of the problem. One was a pipe connection that wasn’t glued – only problem is that the location of the loose connection wasn’t near where I thought the water was coming from. Then we found a pipe that leads to nowhere. We think the other end of the pipe leads to the house and is tied to the water problem we were having over a year ago.

Now with the yard dug up, we have come up with a plan. When the neighbor hears that the city water is running again, he’s going to come ring my doorbell (and then probably go back to bed, because the water usually only comes during the night). At that time, I will look around and see if my yard is flooded again or if possible, find the source of the leak.


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