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We're not preachers or teachers (or are we?)

When people think of missionaries, they often think of teachers and preachers. We often told people that we were neither teachers nor preachers. However, we may need to update that status. This last month, I had the opportunity to preach for the first time at a small church in Minnesota. While this is way out of my comfort zone, a long-time friend and former professor at Crown College encouraged me to break out and give a sermon. He also provided encouragement and a few pointers along the way.

For the weeks leading up to this Sunday, that pesky voice inside me kept saying that “I was not qualified to do this”, “it would be a complete disaster” and that “everyone would be bored to death with what I had to say”. Although difficult to ignore, I turned to the other voice within me that kept saying “I got this”, “put this in My hands” and “I will use your weakness to show My strength”. In the end, I did put it in God’s hands and the sermon was well received.

Combine this experience of preaching with the English classes we are teaching at a local school in Honduras, and we can no longer say that we are neither teachers nor preachers.


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