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The 15-Second Sunday School Prep

It's common here, so I should be prepared. But I never am. Last Sunday we attended a church in the mountains. We arrived a little late so the only space open to sit was at the back. I settled in to the rough wooden bench. I was enjoying the old-school acapella hymns and heartfelt prayers. The sermon was about to begin and I was reaching for my Bible when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

"Would you please take the kids for Sunday School this morning?" a woman asked me a sweet voice. I stammered a meek and hesitant "Yes." Before I knew what was happening, the woman had rushed to the front of the room calling out. "The kids can leave with the missionaries now!" As I saw nearly 40 kids racing out the side door, I silently wished I could suck that "yes" back into my mouth. Steve mouthed "What happened?" silently as I motioned for him to follow us.

We had a 15-second walk to the classroom to come up with an hour and a half Sunday School for 40 kids of all ages. I whispered to Steve "We're doing creation. I'll read the story from Genesis while you try to think of some games to play."

It was a blur. But I don't think they noticed how frazzled and inadequate I was feeling. And somehow we managed to memorize a verse and learn that of all of Creation in all of the universe, there is no one and no thing that God loves more than you.

I'm telling this story because it reminded me that even when I feel unprepared, God is never caught off guard. And He always has something to teach.


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