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Someone who understands

We love sharing our lives and ministry with you. It's part of what makes us feel like part of a team. And, generally speaking, we're open books. You know our greatest victories, our deepest sorrows and our biggest weaknesses. And you pray us through it all, don't you?

But there are moments when we feel alone―when we can't put all the fears, insecurities, heartaches and utter disappointments into words. Culture, language, stress, frustration, worry and homesickness build up like a permanent lump in our throats. We're not even sure what to pray or how. We need someone who has walked in our shoes―someone who understands.

That's where Greg and Theresa come in. They visited us in La Esperanza for the first time last week. With these friends, we don't have to explain. We don't have to unload or break down into tears. They know. They just do. We can play a card game, visit a local tourist spot or just stay home and bake cookies. Suddenly that lump doesn't feel so big anymore.

Greg and Theresa Leeth are our WGM missionary pastors. Their entire ministry is centered around caring for people like us in Honduras and around the world. Just like you, they are a critical part of Team Solheim. And we are so grateful for their passion and devotion to comforting missionaries so far from home. Thank you God for giving us Greg and Theresa when we needed them most!

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