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Raising a Leader

Have you ever asked a child to clean their room? When they finally get around to starting, they open their door and a feeling of hopelessness starts in. The amount of work needed is overwhelming. Even coming up with the first step seems daunting.

Over the last two years, I’ve been mentoring my friend and coworker, Alejandro. His job is to provide security and maintain the property that the regional church. Years ago, he was promised a position at an event center modeled after a similar ministry in the capital. So far, that dream of an event center has not materialized.

Alejandro inspiring others through coaching soccer.

During this time, Alejandro has been humbly serving and waiting. It’s a slow process, and he has shown much patience. However, little by little, we have been making some progress. He doesn’t quite know it yet, but Alejandro has some great leadership potential.

One of Alejandro’s many assets is his love and dedication to his work within the church. At a recent event, he asserted his authority over the property and made decisions based on the direction we had given him. Although I would have made a different decision, we applauded his first steps into leadership.

Later, we were planning for some future events for our Club Aslan. He made some suggestions to Kelly that were excellent, and we told him that we would incorporate them into the program. His response was “Really?”, he had no idea that someone would value his opinions so much.

This last week, after a failed attempt by me to replace a roof (my team of church volunteers bailed on me when it started raining), he took the lead once again and finished replacing the roof. Not just the side that I had opened up and set as his goal to finish, but both sides.

Just like the child cleaning his room, many people struggle taking the first steps in a project and often need the experience of a parent or mentor to lead them along the way. I’m so proud of my mentee and seeing him grow into his leadership position as he gains more authority and respect from his brothers in Christ.

Cutting roof panels to fit new building.


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