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Isaac's Transformation

It’s a rookie mistake to think that all the youth that come to Bible camp are Christians. Although many have been hearing about Christ all of their life at home and at church. Others that come are brought by their grandmothers or aunts kicking and screaming. That’s what happened with our friend Isaac*.

Isaac came to camp reluctantly with the hope that this would appease his family. He avoided participating in discussions, avoided prayer and avoided making any new friends that might judge him. How he's perceived is very important to Isaac and when asked to be Facebook friends, he refused because he didn't want us to see his posts. Although he was friendly and polite, he was not a Christian, but that doesn’t mean that God wasn’t working in his life.

Mid-way through the week, as part of our course on Answering the Call, we gave each of the participants a spiritual gift assessment. After completing the questionnaire and tallying up the answers, we went one by one through the results and revealed what their spiritual gifts were.

Many of the students couldn’t see the gifts they had and challenged the results, but the other kids quickly chimed in and pointed out specific examples on how they saw that gift in them. Isaac was a little different and took a moment to consider the results. He knew the results were dead-on.

Later that week after much reflection, he came to us, shaking his head and saying that he didn’t know how, but the results described him perfectly. Moreover, he knew that this was God revealing Himself to him. As the week grew to a close, we could see the wheels turning in Isaac’s life and how he was coming to the realization that God was real and that He did have a plan for his life.

On the final day, Isaac made his way down to the altar. He arrived long after the altar call had ended due to an injury he sustained the day before. But he was determined to make it and it took every bit of strength and determination he had.

We are super excited for the plans God has for Isaac and what He is doing in his life. Would you please join us in prayer that God would continue to transform Isaac, set him on a new path towards victory and surround him with new friends to cheer him on?

* Name has been changed.



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