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His Plan All Along

About six months ago, I ordered several items for my vehicle from the US. For some reason, the store cancelled my order, so I placed the order again. After a couple of weeks, I realized that they had cancelled the order after one of the parts had already shipped and by the time I figured that out, the part was in a container on a ship already in route to Honduras.

So, for the last six months an extra axle has been sitting in my tool room gathering dust and taking up valuable space. I was also a little frustrated by the additional cost incurred by this overgrown paperweight, but there was nothing I could do about that. Returning it to the store in the US would have cost almost as much as the part was worth.

Last week, we went to San Pedro Sula to pick up our missionary pastors at the airport near the northern coast. We spent the night in a hotel and in the morning, we decided to stock up on supplies while we were in the big city. As we backed out of our parking spot, we heard a big KLUNK – uh-oh, what was that? We drove out of the parking lot and everything seemed to be okay, but I stopped and checked the engine oil and transmission oil just to be sure. Everything looked good. I pulled out onto the highway and was just about to merge with traffic when I lost the ability to go forward. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that one of the front axles had become disconnected, that’s where the big klunk came from I guessed.

Kelly walked back to the hotel to get help while I stayed with the vehicle. We found someone to tow our car and they took it back to their shop and tried to make the car drivable until we could get it permanently fixed – no luck. That’s when we remembered the spare axle that we had in our tool room back home. We called up our neighbors who have a spare key and had them put the extra part on a bus headed our way. We picked up the part at the local bus terminal and brought it to the mechanic to install. A few hours later, we were back on the road.

Isn’t it amazing that God knew we would need this extra part and arranged for us to have it here in country for us when we needed it?


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