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Hardee's, Sonic, Chipotle, Oh My!

We returned to Honduras from our month-long tour of the U.S. at least 12 pounds heavier than we left it. But, boy, was it worth it! From burgers to pizza to Tex-Mex, we indulged in the familiarity and deliciousness of everything "home" has to offer. Oh yeah, and we saw some important people too.

Donuts with Nick in Minneapolis; pizza with both of our moms in Arkansas and northern Minnesota; tacos with friends in Shakopee; sausage balls with family in Branson; and home-cooked meals with our host family in Prior Lake―thank you for giving us this time to fill our bellies and our hearts.

Of course, this wasn't just the Team Solheim version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We were also on a mission to raise awareness of our new ministry and gain some new prayer and financial support. And we were inspired by the encouragement, excitement and generosity you offered us along the way. We were humbled by your gifts of over $13,000 for the work that has been set before us. And we are honored to be part of your team. You are making a difference in our lives, our churches and our community in Honduras!



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