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Bundle of Joy

Alejandro and his wife, Dania, are caretakers at the property where we do a lot of our ministry activities. They are also a huge support to our ministry, helping out at all events and volunteering to work with the youth of Club Aslan. Most importantly, Alejandro and his family are just good friends. That's why we were overjoyed when we learned that their sweet daughter, Alejandra, was becoming a big sister this summer! And after working closely with Team Nehemiah (a short-term missions team from Friendship Church) two years in a row, it seemed only right that we celebrated the new bundle of joy together. The team helped me organize a surprise baby shower for the growing family. Check out the adorable photos below!

We are so blessed and encouraged by this sweet family. We were overjoyed to share this special time with Alejandro and his precious family. And we praise God for the safe arrival of Baby Daniel!



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