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A Promise Kept

On this last day of 2018, we are busy. We're making lists, packing boxes of supplies and running errands all over town. And that got me thinking about the last "last day" in 2017. We had no idea what this year would bring. We had no friends, no obvious ministry opportunities and we couldn't see God at work yet. I remember writing out a verse and affixing it to our refrigerator. "It's a promise," I told Steve.

Today I'm busy. Today I'm thinking of the nearly 50 youth who will play Uno and make homemade shrinky dinks with us this week. I'm thinking of the small team of church leaders who have embraced these crazy gringos and their crazy ministry. Today I'm living a promise kept.

God has been faithful in 2018 and so have you. Thank you for being part of the adventure this year.



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