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A Divine Appointment

We first arrived in Honduras with our then pre-teen son, Nick, in early 2010. We had no idea what impact this dramatic change would have on him or our family that year. Without a doubt, it was the most difficult but most transformative year of our lives.

Throughout the year we hosted several young men as short-term volunteers. Their ministries at El Sembrador were varied, as were their personalities and talents. And while I'm sure they made a lasting impression on the students at the school, I am most grateful for the way each of them poured into our son. The encouragement and friendship they offered during that critical time in his life helped shape him into the man he is today. Over the years those young men have grown up, started families and careers and we had lost touch with a few, though they can never be forgotten.

A little over a year ago, Nick made another major transition by moving to Washington D.C. to set up a new business venture. It's been exciting, but also challenging for him to adjust to the culture in our nation's capital. There have been moments of fear and loneliness, much like that first year in Honduras a decade ago. That's why I know it was no coincidence that one morning at his favorite neighborhood coffee shop, a familiar face greeted him. They didn't know it, but Nick and Luke had been living just a few blocks from one another. Luke's ministry at El Sembrador lasted only a few weeks, but the friendship he built with Nick was quickly re-kindled and Nick found the fellowship he needed. And once again I find myself grateful to Luke for coming alongside our son in a moment of great significance.

Sadly Luke and Nick are saying goodbye again in a short while. He's off on a new adventure in Europe in a month. But when we all met at that same coffee shop last week, Steve and I were blessed by the opportunity to thank Luke in person for the mark he's left on our family. And as we prayed for and with him, I praised God for divine appointments.


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