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Restoring a Tech Resource

A couple of years ago the Honduran government installed a classroom full of new computers at the school where we've been teaching English classes in an effort to better equip its more rural schools. It was a great idea, but it was poorly executed. The technicians installed the new lab in just one afternoon. There was no training for teachers and no way of maintaining the machines. By the time we arrived a few months ago, the room had become a storage area for class materials and the computers sat infested with viruses and in disuse.

So Steve worked to debug the computers, update them and installed anti-virus software. There's no internet access or network to link the computers, but the teachers have had to find a new place to store their extra supplies because the computer lab is up and running again. Some missionaries from another organization heard about Steve's work and donated an early-reading program to help our students expand their English vocabulary and practice pronunciation. Now our students are not only learning basic computer skills, they're practicing what we've learned in our English classes.


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