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Learning to Connect

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Our friend and ministry partner, Sandra, asked us several months ago to help us encourage a group of Sunday School teachers and leaders in her little church. She wanted to show them how to creatively connect with young people.

So we re-developed and refined our #gamesbringustogether workshop. This four-hour session not only touched on the importance of building relationships with those to whom we minister, but was also chock full of practical examples and ideas to help leaders focus on building meaningful connections with children and youth. Lessons focused on developing listening skills, creative teaching methods, building trust, biblical examples, child protection protocols and, of course, demonstrating the joy of Christ that fills us!

Participants in the workshop put these principles into practice immediately as we led them through games and activities. "The most important thing I learned was how to appropriately build trust in my relationship with children," commented one participant. "I also really liked the practical examples," she added.

As much as we love working with young people in Honduras, we recognize that profound, long-lasting community transformation relies on people like Sandra and her church leaders—Hondurans passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. We are beyond excited to have opportunities like this to speak into their powerful ministries!

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Winford Hogan
Winford Hogan
24 nov 2021

Keep up the good work. Great pic of you two with Nick & Elvie.

Mi piace
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