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A Note from Suli

It was lunchtime and the students filed out of the classroom while I busied myself erasing the whiteboard for the next class. This is our last week teaching English at the tiny village public school here in Honduras. It's time for the "summer" vacation and it will likely be several months before we see these young people we've grown to love over the last year.

Instead of making a bee-line for the door, Suli approached me at the board. She covertly thrust a tiny wadded paper into my hand. "It's not garbage," she whispered before skipping off to join the other girls outside.

"Have a merry Christmas. And I want to tell you that I learned a lot from you. I'm going to pray to God that you can always teach us. From Suli. God loves us."

Suli's right. It's not garbage. It's an incredible gift that has me beaming with joy this evening. Isn't God so good to give us these moments of confirmation?!?!


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