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A moment to remember

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I'll never forget that hug. His voice cracked as he spoke. "I love you so much, Mom."

This is the moment I'd been dreading for nearly 25 years. But it turned out to be the moment that affirmed our family, filled my heart with joy and will forever change me for the better. Any mom who has relinquished their child to a new spouse will understand how momentous the occasion was. Still, I know that we are blessed. Not all parents and not all weddings are so happy!

Nick's new wife (and my new daughter!) is an amazing woman, and the perfect helpmate for our son. And we were thrilled to welcome Evie to the Solheim family on September 25, 2021 in North Carolina. The ceremony was not only breathtakingly beautiful, it was also Christ-centered and perfectly reflected Nick and Evie's clear life purpose to glorify and honor Him through their marriage.

It was a joy to get to know and spend time with Evie's parents, sister and extended family. We are thrilled that Nick will have such support and love from his in-laws. We have found them to be excellent role models for both he and Evie. And we can't wait until the next time our families can be reunited!

Marrying into a missionary family is not like becoming part of just any family. There are unique challenges. Not the least of which will be building a meaningful and fulfilling relationship from thousands of miles apart. We understand that the wedding activities were just the beginning of this pursuit. And that special hug at the altar was just my first step of faith as our family changes and grows. It was a moment to remember.


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