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A Goodbye to Being Single Party

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

That's what a bridal shower is called in Honduras (or a bachelorette party, depending on the context). I'm learning a lot about the culture of weddings and marriage in Honduras thanks to my friend, Kenia.

Kenia is recently engaged and invited Steve and I to be an important part of her upcoming wedding. We're to be the "padrinos". From what I've been told, this is an honorary title for a married couple close to the happy couple. We're to give advice and pre-marital counsel as needed. But we also have a part in the ceremony where we are to tie the couple's hands together.

We're still not confident in this role, but we definitely feel honored to have been chosen. And since it's all new to us, I decided to include a tradition that's a little more in my wheel-house. I offered to throw a bridal shower!

Little did I know that this would be an invaluable cultural lesson. I quickly learned that a barbecue in my front yard was not fancy enough. I found a restaurant in town with a space for rent. And that's when I learned that no one had ever ordered "snacks and appetizers" before. Usually, a full meal would be expected. But that was decidedly out of my budget. So I walked the restaurant through what I was willing to pay for, deciding that it would be ok to infuse a little of my own culture of the sake of making the event feasible. Nevertheless, I stressed about making the invitations, decorations, flowers, cake and activities culturally appropriate and relatable for my guests. Let's just say there was A LOT of extra glitter involved!

I was pacing the floor when the bride finally arrived to the party (40 minutes late, but still the first to arrive!). As it turns out, I needn't have worried so much. None of the ladies had ever even been to bridal shower before. Most just came to see what all the fuss was about and had no expectations whatsoever. At first everyone seemed nervous and out of place and I worried that this would be a VERY awkward few hours. But after a few fun games and a designated time for selfies with the bride, we all felt more comfortable.

I hope the bridal shower made Kenia feel as special as she's made me feel. And I hope she was blessed by her friends' kind words of support and appreciation. Most importantly, I hope Kenia is able to enter into her new role as wife a little like her North American "padrinos" have embraced their role in her wedding—uncertain, but utterly blessed and excited at the possibilities that lie ahead.



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