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Lucy's Libros

Reading develops language, writing, and communication skills. Studies show that students who read for their own entertainment are more self-confident, make better grades, and are more disciplined than those who never or rarely read. Most importantly, reading unlocks the imagination of a child. However, reading is not an activity typically encouraged for Honduran children. Books for children are often expensive and difficult to find, even in the best private schools. That's why we created Lucy's Libros, a program designed to sow a love of reading into the hearts of children and youth. We work alongside local teachers to provide a fun and interactive reading experience for their students, encouraging them to get lost in magical adventures, fascinating biographies, amazing scientific discoveries, and beautiful prose.

Reading a book can open a whole new world for a child or just help them understand the one around them. Your gift helps us build a library of books to inspire a new generation of young readers.

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