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God's Promise

In a small classroom in rural Honduras, fifth graders were painting bright rainbows in an effort to illustrate their new English vocabulary—the basic colors. As we delved into the vibrant work, I stumbled upon a revelation that left me stunned. Blank stares met my inquiry about the story behind the rainbow, a universal symbol of hope. Astonishingly, the narrative of Noah's Ark, so deeply woven into the fabric of our culture, was a blank canvas for my young students.


In that classroom, where curiosity and innocence met, I realized the depth of our mission. These children, unfamiliar with the ancient tale of Noah and his ark, were like sponges awaiting the life-changing waters of God's promises.


A Gap in Knowledge, A Gateway to Redemption


In that unexpected pause, I seized an opportunity—a divine opening to share the timeless story of Noah's Ark. Amidst the vibrant drawings of rainbows, the narrative unfolded like a tapestry of grace. God's promise and redemption woven into the very fabric of the rainbow, became a beacon of light in that classroom.


This is not just a story; it's a revelation. A revelation that bridges the gap between the mundane and the divine, between the colors on a page and the promises etched in the heavens.


Why We Share Stories


At Team Solheim, we believe in the power of relationships to unlock the treasures of God's Truth. Our youth club, mobile library, and ESL classes are not just educational endeavors; they are gateways to the hearts of young souls. Through relationships, we earn the privilege to speak God's Truth into their lives.


The Promise of Impact

This year, we invite you to be part of the transformative journey we share with the youth of La Esperanza. Our goal is to raise $15,000, ensuring that the colors of hope continue to paint the futures of these young lives. Your support is not merely a donation; it's an investment in the potential, the promise, and the future of every youth we reach.


How You Can Be a Part of the Story:
  1. Donate Today: Your partnership allows the ministries of Team Solheim to face a new year on a financially-stable footing. More importantly, your gifts are an opportunity to have an eternal impact on lives in Honduras.

  2. Share the Story: Spread the word about Team Solheim's mission and the impact of building relationships in sharing God's Truth.

  3. Pray with Us: Join us in prayer for the youth of La Esperanza, that they may experience the love and hope found in Christ.

Together, let's color the canvas of hope, one story, one relationship at a time.

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