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Take A Seat, Friend

When we started this new ministry adventure, we knew it would be difficult work. Lack of resources, church politics, cultural misunderstanding, language barriers, failure and fear threaten to steal our joy and stall our vision every day. So we made the decision to celebrate the victories, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem on the surface.

This week we made a trip to Tegucigalpa to purchase 50 new folding chairs for the ministry center here in La Esperanza. These aren't your run-of-the-mill uncomfortable portable seating. These chairs are special. They are strong, powerful, important contributors to our community. Well, at least that's how we see them.

How can 50 plain folding chairs mean that much, you ask? You see a trip to the store to pick up a ministry resource. But this was the culmination of weeks of work for us―a victory worth celebrating. We navigated a new and changing partnership with the local church denomination, worked through difficult financial obstacles and made some tough decisions. All for the privilege of being able to say, "Take a seat, Friend."

These are more than just chairs. They are the future. They are the possibility. They are movie nights with local youth, pastor's meetings, family camp gatherings, church potluck meals, parent education classes and, of course, game nights. They represent new friends, young parents, pastors, families, co-workers and leaders. They mean relationship and community. You see, these really are special chairs. These chairs make dreams come true.

P.S. Our new chairs cost about $35 each. Your generosity made this victory possible! And we're going to need more―a lot more―chairs in the future. We invite you to take a seat, friend. Make a gift to this project here.



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