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PSA: Sandals are not a good weapon.

So there I was, sitting on the couch listening to music when all of the sudden, I saw something black on my arm. I shooed it away and get up in a panic. I turned the lights on and started looking around for what it was, but there was nothing. I began searching through things on the floor, around the couch and between the cushions trying to find what it was. I was starting to think I imagined it, but I suddenly realized my arm was starting to hurt where this mysterious creature was. That’s when I heard Kelly screaming “IT’S ON YOUR BACK!!!” In an amazing display of acrobatics, I ripped off my shirt without coming in contact with the deadly brute. And there it was…a huge scorpion. I grabbed the nearest shoe, a sandal and it merely bounced off. I tried again with more force and put it into a slight daze. Finally, I grabbed a shoe and gave it another smack. That mortally wounded it, but it was still twitching. After a fourth attempt to kill it, it finally passed into the darkness from which it came.


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