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65 Years of God's Faithfulness

Our partner ministry, El Sembrador, is commemorating 65 years of transformed hearts, families and communities. We recently visited our old home to celebrate with them. It's hard to envision to obstacles Don and Twana Hawk faced as they followed God's unique call on their lives. I don't think they ever imagined the eternal and global impact their obedience would have. We listened with amazement to the students, pastors, missionaries and even three generations of the Hawk family reminisce about God's faithfulness through the ministry of El Sembrador. And we praised God for allowing us to be a tiny part of His great story there. But we also thought about the powerful way He used this ministry to completely transform our own lives and we were awed.

Today, El Sembrador is far more inspirational than even Don and Twana could have even pictured. And as we celebrate alongside the ministry that brought us to Honduras a decade ago, we can't help but dream about 65 years of God's faithfulness will do in La Esperanza.



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